Mold making inspection (3)


Carbide inhomogeneity Cr12 type Leysite steel contains […]

Carbide inhomogeneity
Cr12 type Leysite steel contains a large amount of eutectic carbides in the structure. Carbide inhomogeneity has a very important influence on the performance of use, so the distribution of carbides must be strictly controlled.
All in all, because the production objects of the mold production plant and the workshop are relatively cumbersome, and the number is one-piece and small-quantity, which brings certain difficulties to the formulation and management of the mold production quota, plus the production methods of the factories and workshops. The equipment and technical quality are not the same. Therefore, when formulating the quota, it is necessary to find out the appropriate method according to the actual situation of the factory and the workshop to formulate an advanced and reasonable working hour quota to improve the labor productivity.