Template design (1)


The main templates of continuous molds include punch fi […]

The main templates of continuous molds include punch fixing plates, blanking plates, concave molds, etc. The structural design of the continuous mold is based on the accuracy of the stamped products, the production quantity, the processing equipment and processing methods of the mold, and the maintenance methods of the mold. Forms: (1) monolithic, (2) yoke, (3) inset.
1. Monolithic
The one-piece formwork is also called an integral structure, and its processing shape must be closed. The monolithic template is mainly used for simple structures or molds with low accuracy. The processing method is mainly cutting (no heat treatment is required). The template using heat treatment must be subjected to wire cutting or electrical discharge machining and grinding. Where the template size is long (continuous mold), two or more integrated types will be used.