Template design (2)


2. Yoke The central part of the yoke template is proces […]

2. Yoke
The central part of the yoke template is processed into a groove shape to assemble a block. Its structure depends on the application requirements, and the groove portion can be formed by other templates. The advantages of the yoke template structure are: easy processing of the groove portion, adjustable width of the groove portion, and good processing accuracy. However, low rigidity is its disadvantage.
The design considerations of the yoke template are as follows:
(1) The fitting of the yoke plate structure part and the block part adopts a middle fit or a light fit. For example, a strong press fit will change the yoke plate.
(2) The yoke plate also has the holding function of the block-shaped parts. In order to withstand the side pressure and the surface pressure of the block-shaped parts, it must have sufficient rigidity. In addition, in order to obtain a tight combination of the yoke plate groove and the block-shaped part, the groove corner ridge of the yoke plate is made into clearance processing. If the yoke plate groove ridge cannot be made into clearance processing, the block part must be made into clearance processing.
(3) The division of block parts should take into account the internal shape, and the reference plane must be clear. In order to prevent deformation during press processing, attention should also be paid to the shape of each block-shaped part.
(4) When many pieces of block-shaped parts are assembled in the yoke plate, the pitch varies due to the cumulative processing error of each block-shaped part. The solution is that the middle block-shaped part is designed to be adjustable.
(5) The block structure adopts a side-by-side combination mold structure. Because the block parts will be subjected to side pressure during punching processing, a gap is created between the block parts or the block parts are inclined. This phenomenon is an important cause of poor punching, such as poor punching size and blockage of punching chips. Therefore, sufficient countermeasures must be taken.
(6) There are five ways to fix the massive parts in the yoke plate according to their size and shape: A. Fix with locking screws, B. Fix with keys, C. Fix with 揳 -shaped keys, D. Use shoulders Fixed, E. The above pressing parts (such as guide plate) are tightly fixed.

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