4 cavity shout-off injection pet preform jar mold Suppliers

4 cavity shout-off injection pet preform jar mold


1. We are capable of making PET preform mould from 2-48 cavities to efficiently provide the best solution with our customer;
2. Tailored product design: we have a professional designing team to design the shape whatever you want, your product to be basing on technical requirements;
3. Optimal cooling system: for multi-cavity preform mould,if necessary, we take turn-over water channel to ensure that each preform get the best cooling effect;
4. Minimum and beautiful injection gate: to beautify the product outlooking, we take hot runner valve gate for our preform products to make the injection gate looking like a pin point;
5. High transparency: our preform mould take mirror polishing, as well as proper temperature control to make sure that the final PET preform have the highest transparency.

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Product Details

Jar Preform Mold

Name 4cavity jar preform mould
Origin  Zhejiang.Taizhou of China(Mainland)
Brand HuaDianMould
Cavity 4 (2*2)
Neck 60.5mm 70mm 70mm 86mm 86mm 110mm 70mm 86mm 63mm 120mm 97mm 86mm
120mm 120mm 120mm 122mm 120mm 148mm 62mm 71.5mm 71.5mm 71.5mm 71.5mm
Weight 30g 35g 43g 43g 52g 52g 53g 65g 65g 85g 88g 90g 95g 100g 120g 160g 170g 193g 150g 175g 250g 270g 290g
Product Material PET
Mould Base Material P20
Core Material S136
Design CAD 、PRO-E
Runner system Hot runner
Components Adopted DuPont chemical material.imported Germany HOSTET original heating ring, imported Italy PCT copper nozzle,
Japanese disc valve needle.Four axis spiral groove.Brass graphite plate to ensure good lubrication effect etc.

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