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Injection water mold hot runner mold parts

1. Hot runner balance design ensures evenly force, uniform heating and identical preforms;
2. Less energy cost and pressure lost;
3. Independent cavity control system ensures nozzle temperature fluctuates with <1℃;
4. Adopt imported heating devices, Germany Hotset;
5. Cavity, core, screw neck of steel adopt imported S136 from Sweden, with hardness up to HRC48-50 after heating treatment;

6. Advanced mold design technology, each cavity self-locks independent and using high precision CNC system,Each mold spare parts be inserted with durable parts, core, core and neck parts are easily exchangeable;

7. 8/12/16/24/32/36/48/56/72/96cavities preform mold
1716, 1810, 1881, 30/25, 29/25, 28PCO, 26/22, 38, 120mm neck finished.

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Product Details

Cavity  PreformMold DimensionMold Weight (kg)Cycle
Weight (g)Neck Size (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Time (sec)
2 (1*2)72055470300608330125
4 (2*2)72055490480730440130
8 (2*4)162845035041047518
12 (2*6)162860035041562518
16 (2*8)212873038044569022
24 (3*8)2828770460457107028
32 (4*8)3628810590515159028
48 (4*12)36281070590535228630


Water/Soft Drink Bottle Preform Mold Product description

1Preform  mold material using:P 20 28-32 
2Core, cavity and neck S13648-52
3Moving partP20-
4Cooling method Core, neck cooling 
5Cooling method for Core plate and cavity plate 1 in, 1 out 
7Cycle time one injection 18-23 seconds 
8Delivery time 60 days after confirmed the design 

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